© Rosangela de Araujo

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, in a Sunday evening in 1964. As long as I can remember, I have been drawing. My love for photography and writing started a bit later, entering adolescence.

I graduated in Visual Communication in 1986. In 1993 I went to Los Angeles to study animation. Since 1996 I have been living in Berlin, working in both fields.

since 2006    scriptwriter for animated TV Series
since 1998    teacher for animation film
since 1987    work in animation film
since 1984    graphic designer and illustrator

I am deeply grateful to the great artists that were my teachers. Amongst them two were especially decisive and essential: Rui de Oliveira and Jules Engel, my great masters.

Los Angeles    1993–1996
MFA in Experimental Animation, California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), under Jules Engel, Maureen Selwood, Vibeke Sorensen, Christine Panushka, William Moritz.

Rio de Janeiro    1982–1986
BA in Visual Communication, Escola de Belas Artes, UFRJ, under Rui de Oliveira.

Further Education
Lectures from David Anderson, Fréderick Back, Stan Brakhage, Eric Darnell, Paul Demeyer, Werner Herzog, Glean Keane, Susan Koda, John Lassester, Caroline Leaf, Marv Newland, Barry Purves, Kathy Rose, Henry Sellick, among others.

Soundtrack for Animated Film, Norman Roger, Embracine, Rio de Janeiro, 1987.

Animation Techniques, Marcos Magalhães, Oficina de Animação, Rio de Janeiro, 1984

Typography, Carlos Horcades, Faculdade da Cidade, 1983