© Rosangela de Araujo

A meaningful question is worth a thousand answers.

As a teacher and mentor, I seek to develop my ability to ask questions. Relevant questions ignite curiosity and raise awareness on a given subject. They are powerful tools in the awakening and development of ideas.

But, really, even more important, is for me the ability to listen. By listening attentively, a mentor can perceive if a path is authentic, and therefore artistic, or taken by doubt. Just when sensing the latter, I gently interfere. Creativity needs freedom to express itself fully.

Teaching is for me a dialogue based on respect and trust, and happening in a friendly, open and lively environment. It is a joyful shared experience, where both sides learn and grow.

Curiosity, freedom and joy are the keys to creativity and learning.

since 2012 teacher in the BTK University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany.

since1998 teacher for “Experimental Animation” in the The Film and Television University (HFF) in Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany

2012-14 Animation workshops in the filmArche, and the Gelbe Villa, Berlin, Germany.

2008 Workshop “The possibilities of the animated film” on invitation of Goethe Institut Tbilisi, Georgia

2007 Presentation of own approach and philosophy on teaching animation at the “First Animation School Encounters” on invitation of Animac Festival, Lleida, Spain

2003 Workshop “Experimental Animation” in the Darcy Ribeiro Film School, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2000-2001 Guest Professor for Animation Film History and Aesthetics in the The Film and Television University (HFF) in Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany